Color Shapers

By Colour Shaper

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AACS 14902

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The Colour Shaper's silicone tip gives you a combination of control, precision and fluidity that is uniquely inspiring; they take you beyond improvised tools and allow you to create exciting textures, marks and effects.They are great for working with clay.

A perfect complement to your brushes and palette knives. No more ruined brushes; the Colour Shaper's silicone tip does not absorb paint like a brush, so it can be cleaned simply with a wipe. Dried paint and glue can be peeled right off. Colour Shapers are extremely useful when working on fine details; whether painting, model making or sculpting, you can pick up the smallest amount of medium and control it with ease.


This package includes 5 different shapers. 

Extra Firm Clay Tip #2





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