Cernit Translucent Ruby Red

By Cernit

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Slightly softer than other Cernit clays, the Translucent is particularly appreciated.

For example, Ruby is perfect for creating raspberries! When baking, you notice that the color becomes partly transparent. This gives a very realistic effect. Leave the clay as it is or sand it to obtain a different smooth effect and even more transparent!

Once sanded and polished, the translucent colors look like the precious stones they are named after! Sapphire, Amber ... The transparency is so impressive that you will not believe your eyes!

Place a layer of translucent white on your achievements in Cernit Number One to give them some clarity. Once the translucent sanded, you would believe that the piece is varnished!

The range also contains a phosphorescent color that gives originality to your pieces.

The translucent range comes in 56, 250 or 500 g.

Be sure to read Ginger's review at The Blue Bottle Tree! "The colors are very intense, far more than other brands of colored translucent clay. In many cases, you’d want to mix these intense colors with plain white translucent to get the best see-through effect."

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