Cernit Texture Plate Lolipops

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Very popular with polymer clay, texture plates are also used for stamping with acrylic or textile paint!

Choose your favorite pattern in our range.
Leaves, Geometrics, Village, Nature, Under the Sea ...
The different models allow you to make many patterns. Print your plates of polymer clay, destruct the drawings and combine them with others for a unique and detailed finish!  You get very easily prints on your plates for jewelry creation in particular. You will not fail to find your own style in our wide range.

Print patterns with the palm of your hand or for a more even print with a Cernit stainless steel roller! Not one but several techniques are possible: Impression of the footprints, Sutton Slice to obtain a relief drawing but also the Mica Shift that allows to embed the pattern in the mica flakes of the clay, removing the relief.

All plates are made of vulcanized rubber, obtained from latex. They are therefore not suitable for use by persons allergic to latex.

9cm x 9cm - approximately 3.5" x 3.5"

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