Cernit Opaline Primary Yellow

By Cernit

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The finish of Cernit Opaline is slightly translucent. The finish is perfect for your achievements such as jewels, figurines, decorative objects ... Combine the colors together or the effects! Mix Opaline and Translucent together to vary the transparency effect!
In the light, you notice that the opacity is not the same. To create figurines, alternate Number One and Opaline for more realism.
Cernit is more malleable than its competitors. Colors do not stain on fingers or tools.

All colors of Cernit Opaline are available in 56 gram and some are available in 250- and 500-gram bars.

Bake In your oven at 110°C (230-266°F) for 30 minutes. Respect time and temperatures to get the best possible result!

Be sure to read Ginger's review at The Blue Bottle Tree!  "Previously, Cernit’s Number One line was separated with some colors being 100% Opacity and others labelled as 50% Opacity. They’ve now separated out these 50% translucent colors and they’re called Cernit Opaline."

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    Great clay

    Posted by Tracey Gordon on Aug 17th 2021

    I’ve worked with Cernit for couple years now. Their translucent colors and regular translucent are wonderful. I mix premo and cernit, and sometimes Fumo to achieve a color I want. Bakes great. By itself Cernit is strong, easy to work with and they have wonderful metallics also I forgot to say. Their primary color are in the family of CMYK and they come in in large bars. They mix great

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