Cernit #1 Turquoise Green

By Cernit

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Baked Cernit keeps some flexibility, it does not break easily. This is a big asset for some specific work. Due to this amazing flexibility, Cernit stands out from the competition. It is your perfect match for creating flowers, bracelets with no clasp, or other fine jewelry that needs to keep certain flexibility.

The wide color range allows beginners to have a large choice. For experienced artists, the mixable colors make even more colors and effects possible. Primary colors are also available in bigger packaging (250g and 500g) to create your own blend of colors.

Be sure to read Ginger's review at The Blue Bottle Tree!  "This (#1) is the main color line of Cernit. There is an impressive array of colors that includes white, black, neutrals, primaries, and lots of lovely mixes. Cernit’s colors do have a slightly translucent quality, but the Number One range is more opaque than the Opaline range."

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