Butterfly Form Set

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Exclusively sold at Poly Clay Play!  Use them over and over to keep your butterfly wings flying. Make beautiful butterfly creations using our exclusive forms. 

The Marbled Butterfly Tutorial for the butterfly pictured is FREE to anyone who purchases the Butterfly Form Set.

A must-have to make life simpler!  With these forms, you don't have to worry about your butterfly's wings or antennae drooping while baking in the oven!  Fold the wings and you have three different butterfly forms to create a whole swarm of butterflies.  You can also use other butterfly cutters to make your clay parts and then use the appropriate form to support your butterfly wings in the oven.

You get three metal butterflies - the shapes shown - and three patterns.  The form was used to support the wings and antennae during baking.

Clay butterflies shown on this page are not included although instructions are available.

Form Sizes shown in Inches

The smaller one is approximately 2½" wide
and the other butterflies are each approximately 4" wide.




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