Autumn Faerie Treasure Jar Tutorial

By Loria Designs - by Lori Jarrett

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Award winning Autumn Faerie Treasure Jar

by Lori Jarrett

Although this is made with a fall theme in mind your possibilities are endless.
Once you get the basics down, let your imagination run wild and create fun little
Treasure Jars to store small trinkets or small gifts for a very unique gift box!

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Treasure Jar Lore
It was once told that Faerie roamed our great earth in abundance granting wishes, bringing good will and happiness to all that knew and believed in them. Over time though we began to pull away from such things and believing became something of the past until sadly the Faerie gradually disappeared for without faith or belief they could no longer be seen let along grant wishes or bring happiness. I believe through such things as Faerie Treasure Jars that appear to those humans who believe, that the Faerie Folk are showing us they do still exist, and that they still believe in us...

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