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The magazine for professional & aspiring polymer clay artists, by polymer artists.

Created to improve your skill & enjoyment of this incredible fine art craft.

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The magazine, an English language quarterly with a first issue that came out in August of 2011, is available in both digital and print versions. Planned content will include a rotation of in-depth articles on polymer issues, design, techniques, personal experience, events, and marketing & sales ideas as well as thorough product reviews, multiple artist galleries, the most complete resource list on polymer anywhere, and more.

The Polymer Arts is not like other polymer and craft magazines. Why not?

Some people expect that this magazine is going to be like so many other craft magazines in our field, but we don't focus on product tutorials or use up space with instruction on the basics of working with polymer. Why not? Because we aren't trying to write for the majority of the polymer clayers out there, but rather to the portion that is truly serious about polymer as an art form, who invest a lot of time and money perfecting their skills and growing a business from their art.

The Polymer Arts is an informational magazine, not a how-to/tutorial magazine. Although how-to craft magazines are more common, so are the wonderful weekend/hobby crafters, which is not, however, the group we are aiming to create articles for. The format and content here were created from querying polymer artists about what they would like in a magazine. This is a magazine for professional and aspiring polymer artists who want to know not how to make what others make, but how to improve their own art and succeed as a respected and in-demand artist.

There is a tremendous resource in both of the other polymer magazines as well as online for advice and product tutorials for the budding polymer clayer. I wouldn’t say it’s quite a saturated area but the community isn't short of that kind of material. What is missing is more in-depth information on actual design concepts, selling and marketing advice, how to better work and live an artist’s life, as well as a wider exposure to gallery level art work. This is what was requested and I’m thrilled that there is the interest and enthusiasm to warrant creating such a magazine.

This type of professional level magazine is what every major art form has at least one of (See “Fiber Arts”,  “Ceramics Now”, “Art Doll Quarterly”, etc.) It was about time polymer artsits had a professional level magazine too.

It’d be pretty cool if there was a magic formula that we could use to build a periodical that everybody likes but there’s not, and at the end of the day, would we really want that? We’re still learning and growing here but we’ll stay focused on the professional and soon-to-be professional artist and hope we can do our part to raise awareness and respect for a most amazing art medium.

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