There are so many products I would love to stock but I just don't have the room and I don't want to stock so much that it goes bad before it is sold.  I want to offer fresh, new products so, I decided this is a place to put items I would like to carry and may if they are ordered often.

Here is how it works:

All items in this category will be pre-order items.  When possible, I will let you know on the page how long it should take to get it in stock.

How Soon Will It Ship?
If you place an order for an item in this category, I will order it and send it as soon as I have it in stock.  Most often, I will be able to ship to you within 1 to 2 weeks so you will get it a few days after that depending on the shipping method you chose (1st Class or Priority).

Shipping and Handling Fees
If you order from this page and also order items that I stock already, I may hold your order until I have the whole order in stock.  If you need the items from other pages right away, let me know.  I will let you know if there will be additional shipping fees in order to ship your order in two separate packages.

Products You Would Like
If there is a product you can't find and would like me to try to get for you, send me a note.  I will see what I can do and will reply to let you know what I found including price and how soon I can get it.

Items Not Available any longer
Because there is not enough time in a day and because they don't tell me, I may not know I can no longer get an item from my supplier that I have listed here.  If you order something that I can no longer get, I will issue a refund and let you know.  I apologize in advance and am truly sorry I cannot get it any longer!

IMPORTANT Note: If you are ordering an item you need as soon as possible, write a note on your order.  There is a place before you check out to leave a note.  If you are in a really big hurry, send me a note first so I can check for you to see how long it will take to get it in stock.






There are no products listed under this category.