PCP Honeycomb Seamless Texture Rollers 2 Patterns to choose from

By Poly Clay Play

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These honeycomb texture rollers are hand tools designed to create beautiful and crisp imprints on clay surfaces. There are two patterns available. Be sure to look at the pictures to make sure you are choosing the one you want.

  • Option A - Honeycomb Innie Texture Roller
  • Option B - Honeycomb Outie Texture Roller
  • Option C - One of each (2 rollers)

You will receive the roller(s) you choose. 

Here are some key details about these honeycomb texture rollers:

  • MaterialMy rollers are made from PLA which stands for polylactic acid, a type of biodegradable plastic made from renewable plant materials like cornstarch and sugarcane. It has a low environmental impact.
  • Texture: The honeycomb patterns imprinted by the rollers resemble the hexagonal cells found in natural honeycombs.
  • Use: Polymer Clay Artists and potters use honeycomb texture rollers to add texture to their projects.
  • Precision: Since they are 3D printed, the texture is very crisp and precise.
  • Size: These honeycomb texture rollers each measure approximately 3.15" in length and 1" in diameter.
  • Color: Roller colors will vary
  • PCP Texture Roller Handles sold separately: The holes in these rollers are a little bigger than most of my other rollers but you can still use the handle with them to aid in creating even pressure.

Whether you’re creating functional or decorative pieces, a honeycomb texture roller can enhance the visual appeal of your clay work. Happy crafting! 

Roll a sheet of clay flat and lay it on a tile or other baking surface, making sure you don't have any air bubbles underneath. Lay the roller on the clay and press with slight, even pressure as you roll along the clay to create a great impression. To prevent clay from sticking to the texture roller, I recommend spritzing the roller with Armor All.  Play around and see what you like. Alternatively, you can lightly dust your clay sheet with cornstarch before pressing the roller over the clay.

Texture rollers work great for making an impression in your favorite kind of clay!  Click and read this great article by Ginger at The Blue Bottle Tree to learn about release agents.  Wash with soapy water and dry after use and they will last indefinitely! Colors may vary. The roller is not dishwasher safe.

PLEASE NOTE: These are considered Special Order Items which means a slight delay in shipping IF they are not in stock.  I am trying to keep them in stock for you.  If you have Special Order Items included in your order, the whole order will be held until all items are in stock.  I will send a note to advise of status.  Normally, they will ship in 24 - 48 hours.

My Poly Clay Play line of has so many designs to choose from, I don't know which to make for you first so, help me out!  If you are looking for something unusual, send me a note and I'll try to get it for you!  Check back often.  New designs will be added often.

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