Poly Clay Play is happy to announce that, since Joe and Penni Jo have retired, they have passed the torch on to us and we will continue to offer these high quality, beautifully designed molds.

The Oak Arbor mold is pictured in the following video where Penni Jo shows how to use her molds.  You can read more about Best Flexible Molds.  Click Here

Best Flexible Molds are not designed for resin or urethane materials. Resin and urethane materials can be used in these molds BUT the molds MUST be properly released using a release agent.  Please always test any brand of mold before trying resin with or without a release agent.  I cannot guarantee the results.
They are NOT food safe. 
They can withstand oven temperatures up to 150°.

Angel Policy: With the purchase of Best Flexible Molds you have permission to make one-of-a-kind pieces in any quantity to sell at fairs, bazaars, craft shows, and on your Etsy, Artfire and similar personal sites. However, you may not hire employees to make items from the molds or sell through non-personal commercial accounts without permission.



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