Summer Blossoms

By Penni Jo's "Best Flexible Molds"

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This was one of the first Best Flexible Molds polymer clay molds, and still a favorite.

There are five leaves, three single flowers, two double flowers, one half flower, a three sided flat bead, one bud and one stylized butterfly.  This polymer clay mold has fourteen openings. Included with this mold are instructions on how to make a clay stamp using the mold and hot glue.

Mold is made of tough, flexible rubber and can take temperatures up to 150° F.

Not For Food!

Instructions included with mold to make an inspirational friendship plaque. Could also be a Mother's Love, Easter thoughts, etc.

A molded antique brass pin. The center oval has deepish points in it that will 'grip' a cabochon after molding.
There are two cabochons, one faceted and one smooth. Both fit in the center oval of the pin allowing the pin to be made of one color or material and the cabochon another. Also included is a sweet bee and the words “Bee Happy” for imprinting.


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