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pj002-project-compact.jpgOur most popular cabochon mold!
Customers love this mold with eleven different shapes, sizes and depths. Cabochons are domed and some are flat on top.


Sizes are:

***Oval Cabochons:Cabochon 1: 60x49mm
Cabochon 2: 45x32mm
Cabochon 3: 24x21mm
Cabochon 4: 17x12mm
Cabochon 5: 18x13mm.
***Round cabs,
Round 1(flat top with beveled edge) 23mm diameter
Round 2 (flat top with rounded edge) 23mm diameter
Round 3 almost round 19x18mm
Round 4 half ball 11mm diameter
Round 5 half ball 9mm diameter
***Flat sided oval. S (shape) 28x18mm.

Note: One oval, C5 opening fits a standard 18 by 13 mm jewelry setting.  Always size cabs to the settings in which they will go before baking.
The two larger circle cabs and the flat sided oval cab have flat tops that are good for hand painting or coloring with oil pencils.
The large, upper left mold is one of those on which I often use to make portraits or scenes using Derwent ColourSoft Pencils.

Not for Food

Above: instructions included with mold to make this project, faux abalone.



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    Great for polymer clay

    Posted by Jen C. on Apr 23rd 2021

    This is a sturdy, well made mold with a nice variety of cabs. My only comments would be that I would have wanted the largest cab to be a bit deeper, and that I would have wished for it to be made of silicone, but I knew that it wasn't going in. Overall, it's a very nice mold and I've used it several times.

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