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Kemper Kutters

Kemper Kutters are my favorite tools! Each cutter has a "pusher-outer" to help release the clay if needed.  Get them all here! There are nine fun designs available in a wide range of sizes,

Used to cut various shapes and sizes of clay, polymer clay, fondant, etc. to create animals, faces, flowers, trims and other decorations for jewelry, frames, trinket boxes and used in cake decorating.  Use the inside pattern shapes or the outside pattern cutout.  With a cookie cutter like action, the inside plunger allows you to pop out the clay inside. Cutters are made of rust-free brass with a spring returned plunger.

Your order will include the Kemper Kutter Sizing Chart PDF.  Kemper Kutters don't always match the size you think you are getting by the description.  If you are in doubt, please visit add the chart to your account and check out.  Print and read the chart to determine the actual size you want.

I found this fun little project I thought you might enjoy:




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