Rainbow Daisy Pen Tutorial

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Rainbow Daisy Pen Tutorial

This fun download tutorial is from Amber Elledge, a fellow clayer and talented artist.

This PDF tutorial is available FREE with your purchase of a Makin's Extruder ClayCore Adapter Set.

When your order is completed, you will find this PDF in your shopping cart account.  If you don't have an account, please set one up before purchase.

The "Rainbow Daisy Pen" tutorial can also be found Amber Elledge's "Starless Clay" blog.  The PDF is only available here at Poly Clay Play.

Here is the Supply List:

*Pasta machine
*Makin’s clay extruder and
*Square extruder disc - Available in Set A
*Makin’s ClayCore adapter - 1 mm (smallest)
*One 2-oz block each of Premo! clay in:

*Tissue blade
*Craft knife
*Kemper Kutter - ⅜” Square (not absolutely necessary but it will help you replicate my colors)
*Brayer or Roller
*PYM II Spray Sealer

Slimline pen kit, or any pen/pencil kit with 2” long, 7mm diameter tubes


*Please Note: Clay Color Substitutions will make the recipes come out a little different.