Poly Doodle Bottle Cap Kit - Flower Garden

By Poly Clay Play

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Poly Doodle Bottle Cap Kits

Each kit comes with the Basic Bottle Cap Instruction PDF.

Useful but not required for each project - Poly Bonder and Jump Rings.

Flower Garden Bottle Cap Kit - $9.95


10 Bottle Caps
Plastic Coated Wire
Laurel Crown Poly Press
Delicate Star Poly Doodle Press (different from the one in the Rosy Garden Project)
Rosy Garden Charm PDF Project (download only)

The Rosy Garden project supply list calls for the Basic Poly Doodle Tool available in the Lucky Lady Kit or purchase separately.  It is not required but is useful for certain designs.

Suggested Additional Products for Bottle Cap Kit Projects

Available at Poly Clay Play

Polymer Clay
Lisa Pavelka's Poly Bonder
Inka Gold
Glass Effect Gels
Jump Rings

Not Available at Poly Clay Play - Beads, Spacer Beads






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