Chinese Character for Peace and Harmony Stamp

By Kor Tools

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Kor Tools was created by Master Potter, Rick McKinney. After years of creating tools for potters, Rick realized that many of his designs could also be transferred to the Precious Metal & Polymer Clay market.

Rick began working with manufacturers to develop and create tools for jewelry artists that would make beautiful impressions in all precious metal clays.

Kor Tools KS stamps are designed for a deep clear imprint in polymer clays, metal clay, natural clays and any soft medium. They can not be used with hard materials such as metals or glass. The KS stamps are carved from a high quality tempered acrylic. They are 1.0 cm (3/8ths inch) in diameter and 6cm (2 and 3/8ths inches) long. All the stamps are beautifully polished, clearly labeled, and have bold deep carving that has a slight bevel for easy release from the impressed medium. They are designed to be the very highest quality stamp and a tool that can last a lifetime.

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