Kato Blackout Clay

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Kato Blackout recycles leftover clay and is the first and only developed solution on the market to help minimize polymer clay waste in terms of uncured scraps, crumbles, and colors artists mixed and,"just didn't vibe with." This innovative product not only tints leftover clay to black (one of the most popular colors), it also acts as a conditioner, giving back to the artists with fresh, usable clay.


TIP: Add original Kato Black to the mix if you like your clay on the firmer side.

*BONUS TIP: Add in increments of 5g for each 100g for better control; 10g of BLACKOUT transformed 100g of a muted sludge color to a nice, soft black.

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    Kato Blackout Clay

    Posted by Raven on Feb 5th 2024

    I'm saving money with Blackout. Easy to mix scrap & blackout. Great way to use scrap clay

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    black out clay

    Posted by Victoria on Sep 4th 2023

    I love the kato blackout clay!!!! I love how litttle it takes to turn muddy clay into usable black clay!! I om=nly wish there was a product that could turn muddy ck=lay white!!!

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    Black Out Clay

    Posted by Rebecca on Jun 9th 2022

    I just finished a review of the Conditioning Block I recently purchased and the old clay I conditioned and described in that review is the renewed clay I then used to test this Black Out Block. I took the roughly 4 oz renewed clay and mixed about a 1 inch square of this Blackout Clay to it to see what would happen. I got a beautiful, dark Smokey grey as the clay I conditioned was a light beige color. I then cut that grey chink of clay into 4 parts and saved one piece for the grey color, mixed a 1/4 inch square of black out for the next piece, 2- 1/4 inch square to the next piece and 3-1/4 inch square for the last piece. I love the range of dark black colors I got, they are rich and beautiful!!! This renewed clay is now totally useable. This product is awesome!!! Again, Donna Kato, thank you for another great, thoughtful product❣️

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    Blackout Is AMAZING!!

    Posted by Luann Udell on May 20th 2022

    I wasn't sure how useful this clay would be for me. I eventually recycle almost all my scraps. But it can take a long time for me to actually use them, and, intrigued by the description of this product, I bought four bars to experiment with. OMG it works exactly as described! I was able to recondition and restore a huge amount of scrap clay, with only 2/3 of a bar of Blackout clay. And I mean scraps from years ago! (Because I never throw out scrap clay.) Everything became pitch Black, and everything has been softened and conditioned and is usable again. It was so easy, I probably conditioned four or five pounds of clay in one day. I highly recommend this for transforming all your scraps into a solid black clay, that is conditioned and ready to go.

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