Bead Roller - Egg

By Poly Clay Play

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The roller's tracks on either side make it simple to roll and create the desired shapes. Just place a small amount of clay into the bead roller and begin to slide the two halves of the tool against each other.

This roller comes in four sizes:

Option A - 10mm
Option B - 15mm
Option C - 20mm
Option D - 25mm

Buy two or more, and a discount will be applied to each automatically.

These are superb for rolling your chosen type of clay! Make sure to check out the informative videos by clicking on the Video tab. For insights on release agents, consider the informative piece by Ginger at The Blue Bottle Tree. I suggest Armor All. Apply a bit to a sponge or cloth and wipe the interior of the roller. Cleaning and drying after each use will ensure their longevity. Avoid soaking them in water.

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The Poly Clay Play line offers a vast array of cutter designs. If you're in search of something unique, feel free to reach out, and I'll endeavor to source it for you. Remember to revisit frequently, as new designs are regularly introduced.




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