Faux Cloisonne Beads Tutorial

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Faux Cloisonne Beads Tutorial

Faux Cloisonne Beads

An original tutorial by Penni Jo Couch, designer, sculptor & author.

cloisonnebeads.jpg Suggested Materials:
  • Polymer clay: Black & gold
  • Liquid Polymer Clay - Kato Liquid Medium is recommended for it’s excellent clarity.
  • Extruder: Makin's is recommended.
  • Baking rack for bead
  • Mica Powder:Gold, red, blue •green, red, micro pearl
  • Tools: Stylus; craft knife with sharp, clean blade.
  • Brushes: small soft ones for mica powders, varnish brush and one small brush dedicated to liquid polymer clay use.
  • Line art. Design will be provided in this tutorial.
  • Tape; Heat Gun and usual tools.

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