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Lost or Stolen Packages:

We ship all orders via the U.S. Postal Service (USPS). It is your responsibility to provide us with a shipping address where packages can be securely delivered by USPS or by your country's postal service without risk of theft or loss. We assume no responsibility for packages that are lost or stolen after USPS or another postal service picks up your package to be sent to the address that you provide to us. If you are concerned about the security of packages received at your mailing address, you should provide a different shipping address for your order.

Submitting a Claim for a Lost or Stolen Package

If you believe your package has been lost or stolen, please look for the tracking number for that order in your account.  Contact your local post office and give them the tracking information.  They will more than likely be able to find your package.

You must report to us that you did not receive your package within 2 weeks of placing your order (for shipments within the USA) or 1 month of placing your order (for shipments outside the USA). Please send your claim on the form below.

Once you have reported your lost package, we will determine if the package was lost before or after it was shipped to your address. If the package was lost before it was delivered to your address, we will launch an inquiry with USPS about the lost package and attempt to have it recovered and either mailed to you or returned to us.  If there is tracking information and the package was shipped Priority, it will more than likely be covered as an insurance claim and we will help file the claim.

Please note that we do not grant refunds on packages that were lost after being picked up by the USPS to be shipped to the address that you provided to us.