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Cernit Tools, Texture Plates and Molds

Thanks to the many Cernit accessories, you can create many objects, jewels and accessories in polymer clay!

Structure plates, silicone molds, modelling tools, jewelry parts... Many possibilities open up to you! Create decorative elements with silicone molds, stylish jewelry with texture plates, or use tools to shape your doll or figurine sculptures.
Jewelry parts allow you to create matching trimmings. Pendants, earrings, key chains or brooches ... Let your imagination speak!

The novices, as well as the more experienced users, will appreciate the blades to cut sharply, the textured plates to create a variety of effects! Among the essentials to get to start the polymer, you will find the blades, the stainless steel roller and textured plates that will quickly become your allies for the creation of jewelry or for printing other Cernit pieces.

Divert their uses for more creation!

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