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Glass Effect Gels


Using Glass Effect Gel is an exciting way to create a beautiful stained glass look.

It also works beautifully on polymer clay.

The easy to use applicator gives precise control to create delicate designs on polymer clay surfaces as well as others.


The following colors come in a fatter tube than those shown here, with more than three times the amount of product:

Contour Grey

Use these to look like the outlines or lead lines of a stained glass project.


Glass Effect Gel Instructions:

Droplets: You may want to practice.  Squeeze the top part of the tube slowly until you find the desired size of drop you want to create.  Practice until you have consistent results.  Do not apply very large droplets to curved or standing objects or they may drip or run.

Stenciling: Place a self adhesive stencil onto your clean glass surface.  Fill the opening with Glass Effect Gel.  Smooth the gell with a modeling knife or spatula.  Carefully remove the stencil and let the gel dry.

Dabbing:  Squeeze Glass Effect Gel onto a plate.  Gently dab it with a sponge and apply the gel evening over the glass surface.  This technique creates a colorful transparent tone.

Drying Time:  Approximately 3 to 4 hours depending on the thickness of your application.  See notes below about complete curing time.


When working with Glass Effect Gel, it is important to wait until it stabilizes and hardens at least 24 hours in a cool place or at room temperature before you expose it to extreme heat and light. If you rush and expose it right away to the sun or to heat, it may run, crack or fade.

Glass Effect Gel is dish washer safe after letting it set up for 48 hours.