Poly Clay Play Shopping Discount Club

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Poly Clay Play Shopping Discount Club

Would you like a discount every time you shop at Poly Clay Play?  Join our Shopping Discount Club

Great for Guilds or Groups!

Here's what you get:

  • Within 24 hours of payment, your account will be set up to receive a discount every time you shop for the term you purchased.
  • The credit for the term you purchased will be added to your account.  When you get ready to check out with your next order, you will be given the opportunity to apply it to your total.
  • At the end of your term, your account will be switched back and you will no longer receive the discount.  You are welcome to purchase another term.
  • Your discount is on top of any sale discounts offered at Poly Clay Play.  Be sure to join the newsletter so you will be notified of upcoming sales.

 How Do I Know I am Getting A Discount?
In order to see the original prices of an item, visit the item page before you sign into your Poly Clay Play account.
Make note of the price.  Sign into your account and then take a look at the discounted price.

Terms available:

$55/year - $10 Credit plus 5% off for 12 months (1 Year).

$125 for 2 years - $25 Credit plus 10% off for 24 months (2 Years).

$275/5 years - $25 Credit plus 10% off for 60 months (5 years).

$500 Lifetime - $50 Credit plus 10% off forever.
Memberships cannot be transferred to anyone else.  All orders must ship to your address.
Guilds or other groups may purchase a membership but it is not transferable and all orders must ship to the address on the original account unless a change is approved.