Patchy Mold Cherry Blossom

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Patchy Mold Cherry Blossom

Patchy - from Viva Decor - silicone mold with a corresponding cutter to make fine detailed Pardo clay shapes.

Roll out the clay with a rolling pin. Cut out the motif using the cutter. Lay the cut shape in the Patchy and press the Patchy together with light pressure over.

Open the Patchy and remove the finished object carefully. Bake the Pardo clay in an oven to harden.

Decorations can be glued on with silicone glue.

One silicone embossing mould with one cutter.

Silicone embossing mould - 27mm x 27mm

Cutter - 22mm x 22mm

Patchy - from Viva Decor!

Announcing! Mold and Cutters!

Cherry Blossom


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at The Blue Bottle Tree

A molded antique brass pin. The center oval has deepish points in it that will 'grip' a cabochon after molding.
There are two cabochons, one faceted and one smooth. Both fit in the center oval of the pin allowing the pin to be made of one color or material and the cabochon another. Also included is a sweet bee and the words “Bee Happy” for imprinting.