Art Clay Silver Starter Kit

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Art Clay Silver Starter Kit

ART CLAY WORLD-Create pure silver jewelry without a kiln! Everything you need to mold, shape, fire, and finish Art Clay Silver rings, pendants, charms and more.

Kit contains:

  • Art Clay Silver 650 Clay type 20 gr
  • instruction booklet, instructional video
  • refillable butane torch
  • firing brick
  • mini-file set (12 assorted)
  • spatula (cleaning tool)
  • stainless steel brush (short bristle)
  • adjustable ring sizer
  • rubber block for stability during work
  • wet/dry sandpaper (#600 and #1200 grit)
  • polishing cloth
  • tweezers
  • ring mandrel

NOTE: This is a special order item.  Once you place your order, it can take 1-4 weeks to ship.