Art Clay Silver 650/1200 Low Fire Clay

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Art Clay Silver 650/1200 Low Fire Clay

ART CLAY WORLD-Fire as low as 1200 degrees fahrenheit. Great for use with glass and sterling silver. Resealable mylar packaging. Can also be fired with butane torch or gas stovetop. During firing this clay shrinks between 8-9%.

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Art Clay is a soft, supple clay mixed with fine silver precious metal powder to create one-of-a-kind custom jewelry. The metal clay fires to 99.9% pure silver. Shape the metal clay, let dry, fire and polish. The result is a quality piece of custom precious metal art.

Art Clay uses a water-based precious metal material that suspends precious metal particles within, creating “metal clay.” Once you create and fire the metal design, the clay residue burns off, leaving only fine silver along with a non-toxic powder. Brush off the powder and reveal your shimmering metal art. With Art Clay silver, the particles come from the reprocessing of old film, helping keep the earth and metal clay jewelry designs “green.”

NOTE: This is a special order product.  It will ship in 1 - 2 weeks.