Art-C Wax Paste

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Art-C Wax Paste

Art C-Wax Paste Metallic. This professional quality and highly pigmented wax paste is great for polymer clay, wood, paper and metal!

A nautral beeswax base with orange oil essences for scent. Apply on any surface to enhance details and add shimmer. Professional quality and highly pigmented. Great for wood, paper and metal. Waterproof when dry.

Non-toxic. Conforms to ASTM D4236. Comes in a variety of colors. Each sold separately. Imported.  Each package contains 20ml of wax paste.

Helen Breil writes: My current favorite is Art-C wax paste. The advantage over the above (referring to Inka Gold and Gilders Paste) products is I’ve had the product for over 9 months and it hasn’t dried out yet.  In fact the consistency is identical to when I bought it.

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